Born in Singapore (Singapore) on 24 March 1984.

Currently living in Singapore (Singapore).

Activity: Photography; Video; Installation; Performance;

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In year 2007, the sparks at an introductory course in art appreciation opened a whole new world before me; what once was a mere impression of struggling street trade is now a dream to pursue. In year 2009, I became a student of UNSW, Collage of Fine Art. I learned and became a practicing artist who expresses my thoughts and concern about contemporary issues through my art. 

In my practice, most of my work reflects the impact of globalization. In this era of globalization, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. Due to the globalization and too much influence of the dominant culture, which are supposedly “ the western culture” individuals from all around the world, is in the rat race to keep up with the dominant. Hence many confuse themselves drifting away from their own culture. Losing the self- tradition/ self-identity.