Uomo, Attualmente residente a FOGGIA (Italy)

    Nato a FOGGIA (Italy) il 21 settembre 1975.

    Attualmente residente a FOGGIA (Italy).

    Attività: Pittura;


    Giuseppe Ferri was born September 21, 1975 in Foggia , Apulia city of beautiful and sunny region of southern Italy , where he currently lives and works.
    As a child starts to painting by his maternal grandfather who reveals the secrets of making oil technique to make copies of the masterpieces of the Impressionists.
    After graduating from secondary school , he attended the Academy of Design , but soon his innovative spirit led him to the necessity of having to seek new horizons of certain paintings that are not yet included in the academic doctrine .
    Visit the major European museums and studying the currents in contemporary art , she studied live Impressionist masterpieces and is fascinated by the works of the "Group SHAPE ," whatever allows him to develop his personal style of painting that can be seen in full LOS ISLAND YOUNG work .
    His style is like and increases its visibility , in 2012 some of his works have been published by See.Me New York and there are many entries in the archives of prestigious international art sites .
    Join with " golden island " at the twentieth edition of the G. D'Annunzio and exhibited in December 2012 at the MU Museum . MI .
    In 2013 participates with " Portogreco " edition of the X PRIZE CELESTE , in October of the same year he was invited to contribute to the Terna Prize 05 CONTEMPORARY ART , accepts with enthusiasm because the theme is solidarity and participates with " SAVE THE CHILDREN " painted work for the event on canvas size diamond.





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