MIZUTAMARI - The Paddle -

Kohei Kimura - Japan

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking away our jobs.' We often hear such talk these days. There are many machines with capabilities that far exceed those of humans, not only intellectually but also in terms of physical capabilities, and the evolution of technology is still accelerating. The main purpose of human beings creating machines and tools is to enhance and extend their own capabilities.
In a society where everything is platformed for the purpose of that enhancement and extension, society is gradually changing as if humans are part of the machines, and humans are becoming more like machines and machines are becoming more like humans.
In the midst of such technological extensions of our perceptions and the immense sense of a future that will be even more diverse and flexible than the present, where do we sense our 'humanity'?
Our perception, which is becoming cyborg in this high-tech world, seems to be seeking again the desire for the real, for things that we can feel real on the spot, for example, happenings, experiences by accidental events. I have found the encounter with the now sought-after coincidences and happenings in the material 'water'. Water contains various functions, effects and expressions, which can be freely manipulated and incorporated into an infinite number of sculptural elements. The project "MIZUTAMARI - the puddle" aims to discover "something" that could not be seen in the water itself and to gain a new perspective on the world by transforming the mysterious and fascinating free-flowing movement of water into LED light. Through the movement of light in conjunction with the flow of water, the viewer feels a sense of sudden change in known reality, possibilities, scale, illusion, sense of time and discomfort, and encounters perceptual sensations that could not be perceived in a perception that has been extended by high-tech.




Данни на творбата

Инсталация - Различни материали
Размер на Творбата - Ш. 200 | В. 220 | Д. 200
Създаден на 1 Април 2022

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