The self-portrait is an ode to the golden age of art, a harmonious fusion of the traditional and the modern, capturing the essence of both past and present times. With digital brushstrokes echoing the oily technique of 19th-century masters like Domingos Rebelo.

I navigate through vibrant shades of green and yellow, evoking the exuberance of the Azorean nature and the renewing hope it carries. Each stroke, meticulously crafted, not only portrays my physical image but also carries profound symbolic weight. The green, symbolizing growth and renewal, reflects my journey of self-discovery and personal evolution. It visually represents my connection to the earth, to the vital energy that permeates all things. The yellow, on the other hand, radiates light and warmth, symbolizing the creativity and positivity that define my essence.

Furthermore, the use of digital painting as a means of expression is not merely a stylistic choice but a manifesto of unity between art and new technologies. In this portrait, I seek to transcend the bounds of convention, exploring the infinite possibilities that the digital age offers to artistic expression. It is an invitation to innovation, to experimentation, to the breaking of paradigms, melding the past and the present into a unique and captivating visual symphony.

This digital painting is not just a representation of my image but a declaration of identity, a testament to the transformative power of art and the ability to unite tradition and innovation in a single work.


Данни на творбата

Дигитална Графика - Компютърна Графика
Размер на Творбата - Ш. 140 | В. 180 |
Създаден в 2024

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