straw marquetry convertible console

DELPHINE ROBINS - United Kingdom

This is a prototype console, which can be transformed into a bookcase and drinks cabinet, covered with straw marquetry, a natural raw material worked according to a 17th century technique, a technique widely used also in the Art Deco period and today brought up to date with a modern touch.

In addition to this piece of furniture that can be transformed according to the options, the straw marquetry applied to the whole object, creates a unique, chic and luxurious aspect which is highly appreciated by home designers. This technique is mastered by a few around the world donating rare items.



2 solid wood semi-circles located at the end of each side with an MDF plate at the bottom, and an MDF plate at the top, consolidating the structure.

MDF is used in straw marquetry because it allows very good adhesion, stability of the pattern and cuts, ideal for obtaining an object whose decoration will not play with time but will be homogeneous and stable.

The desired depth is 30cm, the length 100cm, the height 80cm.

The MDF panels of the doors, shelves, bottom and top supports of the structure are 2.5cm thick.

For the bottle compartment, the MDF will be 1.8cm thick.

The solid wood will be clear, sanded, varnished. There will be the possibility of doing it in a dark shade, the wood will be sanded, stained and then varnished.

The straw marquetry covers all the MDF elements, except the solid wood.

The colors and patterns will be chosen by the customer from a color chart  for the colors and samples of patterns between 4: sun-burst possible variation of star burst, nets, inlays, geometric 


2 solid wood semi-circles located at the ends of each side with an MDF support at the bottom, and an MDF support at the top, consolidating the structure

As decoration, a star burst pattern straw marquetry on the front, parallel straw marquetry on the reverse side and the edges of the 2 supports

The options available for the console are:

Option 1: shelves:

from 1 to 2, covered with straw marquetry on the right side in a star-burst pattern, the reverse side and edges in a parallel pattern 

Option 2: back:

A plate will be offered as an option for those wishing to close the back of the console. This plate is covered with straw marquetry, front and back in a star-burst pattern, parallel on the edges. 



The console is transformed into a bookcase, some options are now included: shelves and back.

The book case has only one option:

Option: doors.

The doors, like the rest of the cabinet are covered with straw marquetry  star burst pattern, the reverse and edges in parallel pattern. 


As before, the options are now included, the furniture therefore consists of the structure, shelves, back and doors.

one option is offered:

Option: bottle holder:

They can be from 1 to 4, with compartments -spaces for bottles. They will be placed on the doors and are in MDF, covered with straw parallel pattern on all faces and sides 

The furniture will be highlighted by the straw marquetry this unique glossy shiny material and will give an incredible touch of esthetisme and chic.


Artwork Details

Other - Other
Artwork Size - Width 30 | Height 100 | Depth 80
Created on 21 October 2020

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