...I feel crystal chill of your heart…

Zita Vilutyte - Lithuania

This trigger and the first thing that can inspire to stop near my painting - is the sign. The sign is not a simple object. The characteristics without which it could not be itself constitute the essence and the whole of the sign. The sign is not some equivalent that can be revealed and completed. A cosmological summand is necessary for every truth, a quality that allows us to create worlds. This can happen during narration. I invite the viewer to join this stream and try to explore the relationship between the sign, its properties, and the narrative. This allows each observer to create or reshape their own concept of truth while remaining in the flow. This frees the truth from the established order that hinders the movement.

Semiotic space has its own contradiction, as if it were a space of incompatible heterogeneous views, an unfamiliar labyrinth into which the soul descends. Probably every viewer chooses his own path, but that belongs to this labyrinth, depending on what his nature is. I think so…


Artwork Details

Painting - Acrylic
Artwork Size - Width 120 | Height 180 | Depth 2,5
Created on 17 October 2020

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