No Mask (When you still saw faces)

Angela Vocale - Spain



Pencil Drawing on Canson Paper

 (When expressions were free)

the work represents a typical scene captured on the subway, in the period before the Covid'19 emergency, and from that moment on, you can only see covered faces around, so I wanted to make homage to a typical scene that today is unusual due to the pandemic, that is, a nice elderly couple who hold each other tight, she sleeps peacefully, and he watches over everything like a guardian. All without covered faces, without shame, without fear, without both material and moral masks.
In order not to forget the life we want, we need to look at it to see what we want, the reality is hard in itself.
With heart
Angela Vocal


Artwork Details

Other - Other
Artwork Size - Width 50 | Height 70 |

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