Leisurely ....gazing

Kam Tim Lam - Hong Kong

I forgot someday , in some place was living in a hotel, I was lying in the hotel's bed leisurely, went nowhere, I enjoyed a siesta extravagantly. After woke up my blindfolded eye saw through the lace screen The sunset out the window was so beautiful, I immediately picked up my camera and took a snap shot.

Is the sunset that day beautiful? My rational says “no”.

Or , look at the setting sun past through a thin lace can adds beauty to the whole picture? From an aesthetic view, is “yes”.

Is our busy daily life make us paying no attention to the sunset? It turns out that a laid-back mood can let us calms down, then we can appreciate the sunset and things around us. At that moment, everything you see is amazingly beautiful.

How good our mood, ... how beautiful the setting sun you will see! It's the matter of ... mentality.



Artwork Details

Painting - Watercolour
Artwork Size - Width 39 | Height 54 |
Created on 10 February 2020

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