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 Artwork YICCA - International Contest of Contemporary Art


by suresh babu maddilety - India


Social liquids


I take my nature from the present, past Big Bangs and release to future Big Bangs.




I use knowledge not only this universe and past universes. For instance, I want to paint a sea I draw the idea from an idea (pictures) due to I saw the real sea after the birth of 20 years but I render the sea painting from the real sea. Why I chose sea and from which universe’s sea is my nature.


The known reality, our body reacts unconsciously by every movement of the universe and it is recycled (Big Bangs). I approach my mysterious unconscious mind (or Intuition) means my personality, I let it controls every sense, it observes from the direct five senses to feel the ‘indirect sense’ is not only physically feels every movement of universes, and mentally feels outer memories. With this, I adventure from starting time of the cosmos and the end. It is my hypothesis, if not, to be an imagination.


Trillion, trillions and Numerous times the Big Bang and the conscious repeated. The matter of the Big Bang continues to exist, ‘repeated conscious’ memories co-exist like waves, and my unconscious mind experiences these memories like an antenna; Due to I obsess. It might include life, culture and so on. Perhaps I get every universal’s knowledge, which is already here, how I convert it to in my way with those experiences is closed book of an enigma. I send my art and knowingly of ‘repeated conscious’ as a memory to the next Big Bangs.



Something is here when the unconscious mind processes with the conscious mind. Since childhood days, the field of science has influenced me. I desired to a scientist, I could not. Thus, my art is the scientific research way. The scientific process is time taking, my science is rather ‘easy science’. Perhaps I liked the result more than the process of science.

The work explores multiple meanings; in my place, art history was not my mother language. So every visual equal to me and lately know concepts. Here equal means spirituality, respecting everything.


Forms of artefacts here assumed atoms.  I realized these artefacts keep coming on my colour palette. Due to congested place (Living life-space in India), many times I mix with these colours. First, I felt an emotion of hatred, with that mixing. But later realized and pondered, what is the relationship between these objects and me? Why is this thing staying with me and why being in every universe for life? Then I started looking at it in a metaphysical way. When I get into these objects, explore from atom to atom. There I am astonished, I am right there in front of me (my beauty and my happiness). I am not only in these objects but also in every object of this universe and conceptually in every universe and in different combinations.


My emotional viewpoint, I hate this overwhelmed artefacts by human ego. Psychologically, I endeavour to experiment a new kind of disgust to mind. Philosophically, I look between the edges of the object, where the arbitrary character being at the centre. I take the character, not the periphery of the essence, but my work creates a new character of matter and invisible new form means  'chemical compounds' automatically create. Another way I would try to retrieve the substance in nature due to these ephemeral works. My work approach is multidisciplinary.  Past Big Bang’s life might suffer from artifacts. Do I collect these from strange incidents or different aspects? Or so on. these manipulated by the mysterious unconscious mind.


Artwork Details

Installation - Various materials
Artwork Size - Width 3 | Height 3 | Depth 2
Created on 8 March 2016