Unwillingly (CoVid 2)

Alvise Pasquali - Italy

This last year, the entire world has met a crisis in which we've been confronted to the centrality of the human body ad its fragilities, the ups and downs of extreme media exposition, the blurring borders between reality and representation. Facing this prolonged situation and accepting it are difficult tasks we are asked to perform against our better hopes.
Unwillingly (CoVid 2), realised during the first total lockdown in Italy, is part of a three pieces series that investigates our state of mind and the relation between our physical and emotional sides in this time of uncertainty: the discomfort, the fear, the denial are engraved on marble by the artist, who tries to give a meaning to his experience and finds it in the goal of spreading some beauty in the world. 



Artwork Details

Sculpture - Marble
Artwork Size - Width 19 | Height 32 | Depth 15
Created on 15 May 2020

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