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 Artwork YICCA - International Contest of Contemporary Art

La fin de soirée

by Notre Sébastien - Italy


This painting is the largest i ever made. I wanted to represent in one space all the things who are important for me . I painted it on leather wich is a interesting material to treat, because its sensual, smelly and smooth , the paint react on a very particular way on it but is able to dry. It repesent a party ending, the different guests are sad, excited, sometimes a bit agressive. They are initially present because of a social reason but at this point of the evening they don't consider anymore the others . They are ready to show their real nature, in this space wich is at the same time intimate but cold, without ending , without lines. Nothing outside exist anymore

Artwork Details

Painting - Mixed technique
Artwork Size - Width 0,2 | Height 350 | Depth 120
Created on 1 January 2018