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 Artwork YICCA - International Contest of Contemporary Art


by Alena Grom - Ukraine


The Womb

"The Womb" is a series of photographs  about life during the war. The project was created by a photo artist in 2018 on the front-line territory of Donbass. A Ukrainian photographer from Donbass, Alena Grom, shows life despite the odds. The pictures are based around the stories of women who decided to give birth to a child while living in a war zone.

The photo artist builds her work on medical parallels where soil and shelter take the literal form of a picture of an ultrasound of an abdomen. Residents of mining towns are an intrauterine fetus that develops and lives a full life, but in full dependence on its mother.

Artwork Details

Photography - Digital
Artwork Size - Width 59 | Height 42 |
Created on 7 June 2018