the powerful death

Miguel Angel Reyes Benz - Germany


the powerful death

"Another method of investigating an unknown thing is to use homogeneous matter, whether it be the mass, volume, temporality, or spatiality, and transform it, and to clearly present the sense that they are different things. In the case of a phenomenon, materials of different quality are simultaneously replaced by a reciprocal condition, but as for homogenous things, the object of reciprocal interaction is contained in the things themselves, the subject and object become integrated, and thing itself exists as an object that should be seen. For this existing thing to appear, a human-made deliberate act must be imposed, a mechanical treatment must occur. However, this is not enough of an issue for us. Rather, it is sufficient to acknowledge that an object clearly exists as it transforms."*

The powerful death was produced as a collaboration with the writer Domenico Chiappe and the musician Santiago Burelli in memoriam of the writer´s daughter. After a period of experimentaition with the material, I thought about how to reach an abstract shape that could represent an endless entering and letting out of matter through light, shadow, balance, transformation, change and movement, as an understanding of life and death as a dialectic between immanence and trascendence. The smooth lines and undefined edges of the piece make the shape disappear over the white background, while the shadows generated by the shape subtly define its silhouette. The long hours that it took to build the structure, fill it with concrete, sand it, and cover it with vinyl, combined with the time that yellowed the vinyl, infused the piece with a sence of lived and lost time. 

*Kishio Suga, “The Start of Disappearance: As Things Deny Things, 1969.” Originally published as Katsuragawa Sei (pseudonym of Kishio Suga


Artwork Details

Sculpture - Stone
Artwork Size - Width 40 | Height 60 | Depth 40
Created on 22 September 2016

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