women and children

Khatuna Dvali - United States of America

Nina Beier “women and children “ Art in the park on the high line in New york . Dramatic sky which  perfectly suited the statue became inspiration source to me.Weakness that is hard to hide often strips human’s inner character and comes out as tears. There are some moments where you  are powerless , you can’t change anything and those tears are the expression of these exact weaknesses.An illusion which is created by human itself ,becomes addicted and it’s hard to get away from your own illusions, It always separates you from the reality. It gathers in one spot   And  spins   around  the bewitched  circle.At the end of the day , seagulls send off the sun and create Istambul’s magic night.


Artwork Details

Photography - Digital
Artwork Size - Width 60.96 | Height 45.72 | Depth 3
Created on 20 August 2022

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