Masha Adamova - Cyprus

My project is a reflection on the phenomenon of an internal emotion that is felt not just on a personal but on a social level, such deep heart-felt emotions are what we call it “in the air”. Recent events of war and polarisation of society made me sharply realize how rapidly we can lose the connections with people and places that used to be close and dear and how the future breaks away from the past and turns foggy and ambiguous.


The past year, from August 2021 to August 2022, after I’ve moved from Russia to Cyprus, the world has changed dramatically for me and all the expats and emigres from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Since spring 2022, the beginning of the war, familiar life and communications with the closest people from our respective homelands has grown tremendously more difficult. New sanctions, laws, and regulations, often unspoken and ambiguous, change on a weekly. While awareness and memories of even the most familiar places and people distort and continue to fade away.


For this project, I manually paint over very thin paper that disintegrates when it comes in contact with the water. It’s difficult to preserve it and keep it from falling apart. This most vividly conveys my current state of mind: the inability to maintain the sense of reality, the connection to loved ones, places, and the future. Tiny paper planes, just like the pieces of fleeting freedom, dreams, and lightness, are frozen in the air while gradually disappearing and disintegrating.


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Artwork Details

Installation - Other
Artwork Size - Width 200 | Depth 150
Created in August, 2022

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