Stone 40

Benjamin Langholz - United States of America

‘Stone 40’ is a site-specific work for the 'Radical Horizons’ exhibition at Chatsworth House, UK by Benjamin Langholz with engineering by Amihay Gonen. ‘Stone 40’ is the 10th artwork created since 2018 as part of Benjamin’s ongoing ‘Stone’ series.
‘Stone 40’ consists of 4 interlocking spiral pathways formed by 200kg stones each one increasing in height as they “float” off the ground leading visitors into the air.
Benjamin is interested in experimenting in collecting elements of what affects humans, those elements that make up the core of the human experience, and combining these elements via sculpture to guide the visitor towards a moment of intensified consciousness. A moment, which many of us have experienced to some extent, wherein one feels as if their body and mind are operating at its highest potential and that the world forms naturally into collaboration with that potential. Benjamin’s works are decidedly interactive. He considers his artworks to be less what one sees, and instead what one feels when experiencing the work.
In service to this pursuit, the materials and visuals of the works are restrained to those that are honest. Engineering plays a critical role in ensuring the stability of the interactive works while reducing the structural elements to as minimal as possible in order to play with a sense of disbelief and uncertainty in the visitor. 


Artwork Details

Sculpture - Other
Artwork Size - Width 1000 | Height 225 | Depth 1000
Created on 20 March 2022

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