Mille fleurs CS20

A I - Japan

I am a professional perfumer and created the scent called Mille fleurs CS20.

This is a creative fragrance, propaganda, and contemporary art.

The point of this work is that the viewer cannot smell it.
It is the perfume neither for smell nor wear.
I made Mille fleurs CS20 for the liberty of creation and expression in fragrance world.  

Most of fragrance products are made with safety in mind. (It depends on the country.) It is a consideration for the health of consumers, manufacturers, and for the natural environment.

Today's perfumers lost lots of raw materials to make safe fragrances. It's like a painter losing a certain color or a musician who cannot play a certain note. 

There are lots of beautiful and interesting raw materials in the world, but we cannot use it all because of the regulatory affairs.
The Mille fleurs CS20 is maybe taboo fragrance, not be respected the constraint...? The truth is secret!

Please feel and imagine the unscented scent.

The scent is not only chemical substances, but also it has huge opportunity in fine arts.

The universe is full of various scents. There is no border. 
I believe that fragrance can be a new way of expression art beyond self-expression tool or status accessories.


Artwork Details

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Created on 14 May 2020

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