LAN DING - China

The three female bodies present different states

1.Due to different physiological structures the women are facing inevitable physiological pain, possible harassment and aggression.

2.The right to choose to have children or not. Fertility should be an extremely important and happy part of a woman's life, and it should be decided by the woman herself. Whether to give birth or not, early or late, one or two or three, these are the rights that women should be given independent choices, not the mission they should be born with. The late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg RBG has long pointed out: "The essence of equality between men and women is the choice of women. For women to become the decision makers of their own lives, this is crucial to their lives and dignity. When the government controlled her decision on abortion, she was not treated as an adult who had the ability to take full responsibility for her life choices.

3.The oppression of traditional ideas and the formation of traditional thinking are the result of the domestication of women in the patriarchal society. I hope that women can break through this domestication and awaken their self-awareness. Most women start from accepting inequality in marriage, to acquiescence, and even advocating this kind of inequality. Many women have also gradually changed from victims to perpetrators.



Artwork Details

Sculpture - Metal
Artwork Size - Width 223.7 | Height 214 | Depth 128
Created on 1 May 2023

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