Monolith 6

Simone Guideri - Italy

This series of artworks comes from an interest in mixing different languages in contemporary art. It's like blending materials and meanings that might not seem to go together. These artworks explore how traditional art forms and "technological" parts can come together and exist at the same time. This challenges and goes beyond the usual ways people think about art.

The sculptures deliberately keep the "imperfections of how they were made," the clear signs of human touch. They show how an artist has worked on them. The clay they're made of represents the basic, raw feelings in humans, like instincts and the earth, with all its flaws and realness. The orderly, bright part arranged in geometric shapes adds a sense of order and logic. It's like a symbol of the world of computer circuits, connecting the natural and touchable with the strict and abstract world of technology.

This contrast makes people who look at these artworks think about how different things can exist together in our modern world and in art. These artworks make people think deeply about how we use technology and how we need to balance our emotional expression with the rational planning in our lives.


Artwork Details

Installation - Various materials
Artwork Size - Width 20 | Height 40 | Depth 20
Created in 2023

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