Trash Bag - Broken Hourglass


"CHiNGLiSH Brands - Trash Bag“ is a sustainable sculpture series created by compressing and repurposing discarded retail paper bags. Through this approach, it delves into the environmental impact of commerce and the allure of aspirational consumerism.


In a world where desires often shape identities through consumption, which results in over-consumption and excessive wastes, this series shines a light on the environmental consequences. However, from this chaos emerges a transformation. These sculptures infuse life into abandoned materials, embodying resilience in what we know as 'trash.' They provoke introspection, compelling us to recognize our role in global sustainability and the choices we make.


This series also challenges conventional norms. Discarded retail bags find a renewed purpose here, blurring boundaries and questioning the very essence of value.


This solid sculpture is compressed with 10+ Balenciaga retail paper bags and all details are hand sculpted.


Artwork Details

Sculpture - Other
Artwork Size - Width 20 | Height 20 | Depth 8
Created in 2023

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