Scorched Earth

Otto Licht - United Kingdom

The AMAZON RAINFOREST is facing a dire situation. In 2020, the year the artwork was created, 20 percent of the original Amazon region has already been destroyed by FIRES AND DEFORESTATION. The detrimental impacts on global climate and biodiversity are largely attributed to the policies of JAIR BOLSONARO, who served as the 38th president of Brazil from 2019 to 2022. The artist's intention is to depict this deeply concerning state through a composition of approximately 20,000 matchsticks symbolizing the trees of the rainforest. The colors of the Brazilian flag, green, yellow, and blue, are dominant and represent the vibrant life of the forest. However, some matchsticks are black and burnt to underscore the extent of devastation.


Artwork Details

Mix Media - Other
Artwork Size - Width 58 | Height 98 | Depth 4
Created in February, 2020

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