Handle with care

Otto Licht - United Kingdom


Vast expanses of refuse float upon the Earth's oceans, with dimensions that are undeniably staggering. For example, amidst the stretch between Hawaii, the American mainland, and Asia, an expanse of plastic in the Pacific persists, boasting a weight of three million tons and a size rivaling that of the entirety of Central Europe. As per the United Nations' approximations, the global volume of plastic waste in marine waters surpasses 150 million tons, with an annual increment of no less than three million tons. The POLLUTION OF OCEANS WITH PLASTIC presents an imminent peril to the ecosystem. Plastic waste infiltrating the sea does not undergo biological decomposition; instead, it disintegrates into minuscule particles with the passage of time. These microscopic particles subsequently integrate into the ecological food chain of both flora and fauna, thereby engendering a significant peril for both humans and animals.


Artwork Details

Mix Media - Other
Artwork Size - Width 140 | Height 100 | Depth 3
Created in May, 2023

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