The show must go on

Cheng Yen Yu - Taiwan

Art encrypts all messages layer by layer, and I can interpret the world I see without reservation, whether it is ugly or beautiful.
My painting practice criticizes the inherent flaws in human nature and their profound impact on communities. I guide viewers to reflect on the predicaments they face. These situations encompass themes such as conformity, falsehood, prejudice, aggression, and the vulnerability of interpersonal relationships. My latest series, "The show must go on," particularly highlights the multiple identities that humans inevitably play as social animals in different societal contexts.
I gained inspiration for visual symbols during mu travels in Cappadocia, Turkey, where I borrowed from the mysterious rocks and underground cities to metaphorically represent the different facets of individuals in society and the dark side of human nature. Rocks are intricately carved into maze-like internal networks, windows, churches, and other imagery, symbolizing the transition from "primitive" to gradually “socialized."
My practice employs various artificial or architectural materials mixed with pigments, such as plaster, clay, cement concrete, sand, soil, bricks, iron wire, and nails. I reinterpret the concept of "primitive rocks transformed" for inhabitable rock formations, emphasizing the process by which individuals are "endowed" and "socialized" in human society.”


Artwork Details

Mix Media - Other
Artwork Size - Width 70 | Height 70 | Depth 5
Created on 10 January 2024

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