I'm Mason

Chiaki Onoue - Japan

「I'm Mason」は、建築現場から残された石材の断片たちが、再び物語を紡ぎ始める作品です。
さらに、「I’m Mason」は廃材に新たな価値を見出す試みを超え、私たちの消費行動や環境に対する思いやりについて考えるきっかけを提供します。廃棄される運命にあった素材から美を引き出すことで、見過ごされがちな周囲の美を再評価し、新しい視点をお届けしたいのです。
"I'm Mason" is a work in which fragments of stone left behind from a construction site begin to weave a story once again.
The size of the work is 1130 x 915 mm and weights 15.2 kg.
The stones, each with a different shape and color, are delicately combined to create one large painting.
An acrylic board was used for the background, so you can enjoy the various expressions that the work shows depending on the light.
This work continues to change as the background changes, making it appear as if it were alive.I hope many people can relate to this.
In addition, "I'm Mason" goes beyond trying to find new value in waste materials, and provides an opportunity to think about our consumption behavior and consideration for the environment.
This work is more than just an art piece; it encourages dialogue about issues we face on a daily basis.
Through the fusion of environmental considerations and art, I hope this work will convey an important message to you.


Artwork Details

Mix Media - Other
Artwork Size - Width 91.5 | Height 113 | Depth 13
Created on 10 April 2024

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