untitled - oil on canvas 92x103cm

Peter Pienkny - Germany

untitled - oil on canvas 92x103cm

is an abstract artwork which attempts to find a way to deal with randomness, the queen of quantum physiks. It is the result of hours and hours of thinking about the construction of our realitiy. The early physics cared about the colour of glowing objects as much as a painter cares about the oil. They asked, what is the meaning of the colour and the answer was not possible to give with all knowledge of this time, all the knowledege of the classiv physics.

To bring in an old technic, like Rothko did, oil colour and rabbit glue, on a traditional linen canvas and treat it with special fluid that vanishes the colour, starts a process which vanishes the oil paint in a process that is absolutly random, not by doing something, like Pollocks Drip Paintings or Richters abstract masterpieces, but by the time.

 This artwork is a part of knowledge acquisation.


Artwork Details

Painting - Oil
Artwork Size - Width 92 | Height 103 | Depth 3,5
Created on 10 March 2024

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