Form Or Substance?

Erica Aitken - United States of America

What strikes me is the sharp contrast between the beautiful friendly humans who work in a cold sharp place like this restaurant, and the work I do which is to juxtapose cold, sharp inkjet printing with the more versatile, surprise (or error-prone) silkscreen technique.
One day, I'd like to have access to a studio where large film can be printed and where large screens can be burned. But until then, I print in four panels to make a 40" print on a large sheet of paper. The Epson portion of the image is printed on that large sheet.
And I welcome and love the surprises, the mismatched seams, the uneven distribution of ink, the errors of registration. They make my art beautiful and compelling.


Artwork Details

Mix Media - Other
Artwork Size - Width 90 | Height 90 |
Created on 18 February 2024

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