ANDREW CHOI - United States of America

This painting captures a deeply personal dream merging the worlds of fashion design and architectural achievement. The central focus is a fashion runway, vivacious with models dressed in elegant couture. It’s a dream stage, set within a building that resonates with familial pride, as it's constructed by the artist's father. The juxtaposition of soft, flowing dresses against the rigid lines of the building’s interior celebrates the harmony between the two disciplines. The runway, a rich maroon path, draws the eye forward, symbolizing the journey towards realizing one's dreams. The ethereal lighting and vibrant blue florals overhead add to the surreal, dream-like quality of the scene, illuminating it with hope and aspiration.


Artwork Details

Painting - Acrylic
Artwork Size - Width 50 | Height 70 | Depth 1
Created on 16 March 2024

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