Children of the wind

Karl Pont - Austria

Children of the wind


This picture of a flock of seagulls was shot one evening while standing on the shores of Lake

Constance in Bregenz, Austria. A predilection site for the artist, the lake always seems to deliver

an infinite source of inspiration for Karl, who finds beauty in the inconspicuous objects washed

on the lake's banks and reads messages from the flora and fauna surrounding it.

This photograph comes to complement the four driftwood sculptures of this exhibition. The

seagulls' image is a soothing example of Karl's attempt at interpreting Nature.

In this photograph, the seagulls move and dance fearlessly around us. They appeared to invite

the viewers to fly with them and join them in their freedom. The picture captures the effortless

and smooth flight of the birds. The warm sunset light emphasises the gull's feathers and

contrasts with the cool and deep hues of the water.

This photo tempts us to get lost in its depth and take flight with the gulls. As we peer into it, we

become part of the flock and only wish to be as carefree as these birds are.



Artwork Details

Photography - Mixed technique
Artwork Size - Width 65 | Height 45 | Depth 4
Created on 10 February 2024

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