When the Broken me are not Meant to be Broken

Cherin Prasopsukcharoen - Thailand

With "When the Broken Me are not Meant to be Broken," I delve into the realm of transformation and beauty derived from vulnerability. This sculpture serves as a testament to the philosophy that our imperfections and scars are not merely flaws to be concealed but milestones to be celebrated. It represents a harmonious blend of ceramic, silk and brass—materials that together weave a narrative of life's inherent imperfections and the allure of embracing them wholeheartedly.


Ceramics lays the groundwork for this piece—a material that has long been a cornerstone of my artistic journey. The incorporation of Thai silk tassels throughout the sculpture offers a tactile and symbolic representation of transforming , continuing what was once fractured into something uniquely beautiful. This work celebrates our scars as a poignant reminder that our fractures do not signal our demise but rather mark the beginning of a profound transformation and renewal.


This sculpture embodies my belief that our life experiences enrich our character's depth, particularly those that challenge us. Brass does not simply repair; it enhances, strengthens, and transforms. It asserts that there is an inherent artistry in breaking apart and reassembling stronger than before. Much like the narcissus flower that heralds the arrival of spring after the coldest winters, this piece symbolizes hope and unwavering perseverance.


Through this sculpture, I extend an invitation to viewers to reflect on the golden seams of their own lives—the instances of repair that have fortified their essence. It is a tribute to resilience, urging us to find beauty in our often fractured journeys and reminding us that we are not destined to remain broken but are instead called to rise, rebuild, and shine with renewed magnificence.


Artwork Details

Sculpture - Other
Artwork Size - Width 25 | Height 41 | Depth 27
Created on 10 January 2024

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