laurence PROROK - France

Movement.01 is composed of 4 frames of size 60 x 90cm, Total size: 90 x 240

pencil on paper realized in 2020

This is a key work of my artistic practice since it revealed to me the use of motion and frames as defining elements of my research.  Also, the slowness of the pen technique allows the movement to exist, to swell by itself, to ask for another frame to be added... It is the motion that stimulates creativity and thus dictates the experience.

Impression, Sensation, Incomprehension, Unexpected


Laurence Prorok, artist based in France (Aix-en-Provence) and in Italy (Naples). 

In 1999, she received a Master degree in Architecture from the « Ecole d’Architecture de Paris la Villette », that she completed later with a master2 in Urban planning. 

In parallel with her architectural training, she spends 6 years in San Francisco, California, where she obtained a BFA in “Motion Picture and video” from the Academy University of Art College.  She is registered at the French Maison des Artistes since her return from the United States in 2003.

As an artist, Laurence has more than one string in her bow’: Architecture and urban design, Cinematographic Arts, Photography. She is also passionate about the surrounding world: botany, beekeeping (she looked after her own apiary for several years), foreign cultures and languages.

For the past 20 years, her artistic approach has been multidisciplinary, nourished on the one hand by a freelance architectural practice, and on the other hand by many passions that drive her life. She finds her inspiration in trees, stones, rocks, cracking floors, floor patterns ... Also, her stays in Naples are a great source of inspiration.

Her artistic approach reflects a singular eclectic background. Her ballpoint abstractions are imbued with the natural world that fascinates her, and with an inner meditative search. Her work also deals with the themes built by her professional practice: connection and separation, spatial organization, energy and movement, fullness and emptiness. Her drawings, like a dialogue between shades of color, forms and composition, delicately invite the viewer to a sensorial journey.  




Details des Kunstwerks

Gemischte Medien - Sonstige
Kunstwerk Größe - Breite 4 | Höhe 90 | Tiefe 240
Erstellt am 2 August 2020

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