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Resonant Frequencies of a Community

This project has many elements and has metamorphosed multiple times throughout its progression.

Initially it was only intended to be a film; I had previously made a film in South Africa documenting the work of the Edinburgh based charity Jabulani Project and found it a highly rewarding experience.

I hoped to make something similar working with Dundee based organisations.Although a film is still part of the work, the use of sound became central, allowing me to utilise my background working with this medium.

After considerable research I decided to document six groups I felt gave a typical snap-shot of the community. Some of the groups have faith or spirituality at their core, whilst others are facilitated by concerned citizens, striving to make a difference in these tempestuous times.

The work they undertake is invaluable both to individuals and the wider community, providing support and services local councils cannot now deliver.

The sounds from all these vastly differing projects are contained within an acrylic map. I have endeavoured to re-create the atmosphere, as I perceived it at each of the locations I visited, using both sounds captured at each location and electronica I have composed. Each piece is linked by a transition, also containing sounds from that area.

The map, of Dundee is touch controlled, sounds can be triggered zonally by touching the copper names.The stone used for the text pieces was once part of a floor in one of Dundee’s jute mills and the text has been screen printed on to each tablet. This process was very much in use when the factories were in their glory days and in keeping with the history of the stone.

There is also a short film to accompany these works featuring the people involved within each organisation and more background information about the project. This can be accessed via the link below.

The sounds countained within the map can be listened to via thie following link.


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