‘Chirorodziva/The Sleeping Pool’, our ancestors used to have this environment as a habitat. This calls for ultimate respect of the sacredness of the place. We are now entering sacred ground, I advise you to be at your best behaviour and not to shout, or the spirits might be provoked. I had heard stories of talking baboons, snakes with legs, and people disappearing for breaking the rules and only coming back after certain traditional rituals were performed.  It is beautiful beyond expression; the sun’s rays penetrated down the large swallow hole, illuminating the water into a lovely blue colour. The water so still, calm and so inviting, but don’t dare to go near it. This is the famous ‘Chirorodziva, or The Sleeping Pool’.    
They are each about our inner truth, stepping beyond our beliefs, understanding and oneself perception, knowing the underlying reality of our own existence and experience. In this piece, choreographer was inspired by life itself. The ups and downs of love relationships, hustling for survival and those sorrows that haunt us daily which we cannot name all this giving a complete change in mental, physical reaction influenced by individual journey within context of life.  Taking the seed beyond, which shaped them into the form which seems to convey their essence on their current limited perception but with time, shall pass. So, I pass these thoughts on you and trusting they will resonate with your inner knowing while inspiring more thoughts. For the more we allow our inner  souls to speak their truth to each other, the more we tap and release the wisdom the world so badly needs.    
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Erstellt am 11 Januar 2016
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