A. Axel


Geboren in: St Claude (France) am 27, 1988.

Derzeit wohnhaft in: Paris (France).

Aktivität: Malerei;



Axel A. is a Caribbean / French artist who lives in Paris.

His very personal work is characterized by a very bold use of color and, imaginative abstract figures. These colors and figures interact forming a work strongly and visually impacted. Axel wants his Art to touch our feelings and brighten our enthusiasm.

“It’s important for me that my Artwork, to be understood, criticized, and everyone can find a piece of their own shadow. Therefore my Artworks are performed to engage your imagination by feelings, spontaneity with colors, shapes and humor. This is simply because I love whatever I do and I do it sincerely.“


Axel doesn’t have painting schooling, he learns while he is discovering the world.

He works on acrylic, oil and collage and his artwork is based on the “movement” by a cardboard end by way of instruments of paint.

“For me, life is about exploring, enjoying the world and, telling those ensorcelled moments I experienced by different Art Forms. I’m blessed to travel a lot, meet new people from all different cultures who share their stories with me, inspired me. So wherever the life

takes me I will follow and continue with my Art.”



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Address: Axel André 66 rue de Vouillé 75015 Paris


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