Guardian of the Desert

Oil painting on canvas, 75 x 50 cm, liquid metal, in-house techniques, 75 cm x 50 cm, painting signed and described on the back in the frame. "Guardian of the Desert" is a remarkable oil painting that captures the timeless allure of an ancient Egyptian deity. This stunning work depicts a powerful and majestic figure, with the rising golden sun shining in the background, holding a torch, standing in a vast and barren desert landscape. The painting is surrounded by a beautiful and elegant frame that perfectly complements the artwork, highlighting its beauty and grandeur. The frame is made of the finest materials, which complements the magnificence of the artwork. "Guardian of the Desert" is a true masterpiece that would make a striking addition to any art collection.

Details des Kunstwerks

Malerei - Mischtechnik
Kunstwerk Größe - Breite 75 | Höhe 50 | Tiefe 3
Erstellt in 2022

Kunstwerk Preis

850 €

Derzeitiges Eigentum an dem Kunstwerk

artist's studio

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