Laser game

By this artwork I want to pay attention to lasers, one of the most important developments in the twentieth century.

The base is a wooden disc (pizza plate) with a 50 cm diameter. This disc has been painted white. The disc is divided in 3 pieces, each 120 degrees. On each part I designed straight lines depicting laser beams, crossing each other in the middle. Every beam ends on a different height: 5 cm, 6,5 cm. and 8 cm. The wooden constructions on the beginning and the end of the beams have enough strength to keep the wires under tension.

To achieve the right optical effect I used fluo fishing thread in various colours with a gauge of 0,3 to 0,4 mm. When these wires are lighted it will give a special optic effect.

At the end of every beam I placed mini beams, made from various PVC threads.


Details des Kunstwerks

AndereKunstwerk Größe - Breite 50 | Höhe 50 | Tiefe 8
Erstellt am 10 März 2023

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