It's safe

 The clock is affixed with adhesive tape. So she looks anxious as if she is going to fall soon. However, in fact, this clock was well nailed down in the usual way. It just has an extra tape tied on it. This clock was already in perfect condition, but I'm trying to fix it more steadily by adding something more to my anxiety. Ironically, this resulted in a more anxious outcome. And now that the weather is difficult to see, it isn’t even living up to its original function.


 This work began from my gaze at the clock over and over again from the anguish of not having time. I recognize a clock which is firmly fixed to the wall and which is constantly doing its job every moment, and my unsteady gaze on this clock without concentrating on my work. Actually, maybe I'm already fine, but I just can't believe it and I'm trying to add something and have more. In the end, like a clock with unnecessary tape, I sometimes forget my worth and my abilities.



 For me, re-recognizing everyday life becomes the subject of my work and my research, and the reason it was all so important is from the experience I had, even though it was a coincidence, that my understanding of myself arose when I began to observe my inner self with everyday objects. This was caused by the feeling of unfamiliarity and distance created by the experience of being separated from everyday objects and familiar senses. Afterwards, I realized that there was a sort of self-healing effect in this process, which led to an attempt to intentionally look at objects from a distance.


 Focusing on my daily life and the objects around me, and re-recognizing their value by stepping away from them for a moment, has become an attempt to understand myself who exists in this daily life. The reason my daily life is in this form is not that it originally was, it is derived from my inner self that I haven't been aware of for a long time, accumulated memories, senses and ideas that have changed from experience. Ultimately, it's a form that reflects my inner side as it is. When I understand the fact that everyday life in front of me and my present comes from myself, the possibility of understanding the part of dissatisfaction with them also arises. Of course, it cannot be perfected quickly right away, but in the end the direction of this path lies in understanding which leads to acceptance and acceptance which leads to satisfaction. The origin of my constant attempts at work and research lies in my desire to walk in this direction, which reveals that the self-healing of depression, which I have had for a long time, is the main goal.

Details des Kunstwerks

Installation - Verschiedene Materialien
Kunstwerk Größe - Breite 51 | Höhe 25 | Tiefe 5
Erstellt in 2021

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