Marta Moretto


    Geboren in: Genova (Italy) am 20 Dezember 1966.

    Derzeit wohnhaft in: Genova (Italy).

    Malerei; Fotografie; Video; Skulptur; Digital Grafik;


    Genoese by birth and training, in 1987 she is artistic director of Ex Art, monthly information and art critic. In 1989 she founded COMA and 1990 ICONA, companies that deal with corporate marketing and visual communication. In 1993 she continues activities as a freelance taking care of especially communication of the cultural events of her city. In 2005 she lived for a year in Sicily, where her son Matthew was born and then in Naples and Ancona. Then back in Genoa in 2007, she realizes artistic projects conceived during the period of wandering: these ones are worth prizes in different fields of art. Her works have been exhibited at the “Carrousel du Louvre” in Paris, New York, Firenze, “PAN | Palazzo delle Arti” Napoli, “Affordable Art” Milano, “Genova Art 2013” Genova and “RomArt 2015” Roma | - Atene, PRIVATE EYE - Associazione “Occhio!” | Genova, Parigi | Louvre | 2015, Milano | La Permanente 2015, Miami | Art Basel 2015 | Torino Museo MIIT 2016 | Roma ArtExpo 2016, Art Exhibition Barcelona 2016, "HearteartH-festival" BERLINO 2016, Book PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE 2016, LIVORNO, Trieste.





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