Suroju Kartyk

    Mann, Aktuell lebende in Bengaluru (India)

    Geboren in Dharwad (India) am 2 Februar 1988.

    Aktuell lebende in Bengaluru (India).

    Aktivität: Malerei; Fotografie; Video; Digital Grafik; Mix Media; Andere;


    "Be the change you wish to see in the world" "Actions speak louder than words" are the two quotes that I strongly believe in. To me, Design is Universal, Design is whatever I see, feel and experience, apart from trying to understand Design from the closest angles possible, I thrive to enjoy the essence of Design in its true sense. I like to pay attention to the minute details of Design and learn the Intricacy of Design. To sum up, I have devoted my life to learn and live Design.


    Digital Grafik
    Digital Grafik
    Digital Grafik




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