Black Eye

Larissa Barnat - United States of America

Using gradients and blending of organic shapes with neon colors, I create bright but depressing paintings. Bold colors evoke a futuristic presence with a sense of hopelessness. My experiences as a youth and adolescent have profoundly influenced the imagery that permeates my artwork.
When I was young, only six years old, I swung on a swing set at a childhoods friends' house and fell face-first onto the bricks and stones underneath the swing. I blacked out and was bleeding on everything. Pieces of rock lodged and stuck into the skin on my face. I couldn't open my right eye. I staggered, tripping towards my friends who ate melting ice cream with those awful black, gumdrop eyes. Knowing the permanence of damage this would last, I looked in the mirror and said, "I'm going to be ugly forever." I was rushed to the emergency room and spent hours in the hospital, answering doctors with questions who thought my parents abused me and getting tested for neurological damage. 
My black eye was closed shut for a month, and I was unsure if I could see through it again; it permanently affected my vision. I would sit at home and compulsively pick out the stone pieces in my face and peel at the scabs until it bled and scarred. The bruises would change colors of deeply saturated yellow, green, and violet. I refused to leave the house or have anyone see me. I only left to go to movie theatres, and I even wore sunglasses indoors. Since then, I have a death grip on the swingset.


Artwork Details

Painting - Oil
Artwork Size - Width 86.36 | Height 111.76 | Depth 5.08
Created on 23 March 2020

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