Liel Milstein - Israel

My name is Liel Milstein

I am 25 years old from Israel.

I'm an artist and painter which former suffered from mental illness and still recover from that.

Through the art I bring my inner world to my creations 

In my creations I am surrounding by spiritual entities and I'm the center. 

This is my inner and deep world which through that I show a pinch of what schizophrenic deal with.

The white glasses represent the vision from my inner world, and through them I see our big world.

The  asymmetrical glasses because the human eye in every moment and point of view I see them different.

The white color in the glass represents purity, neutral vision, innocence is my inner world

only I am expose to it.

In Judaism the color white represents a holy day and good luck so as a Jewish I felt it was right to use this color in this art.

Through my eyes and my unconscious there is a daily spiritual revelation so I see my mental disorder.

As a deal with mental disorder i chose I chose blue clothes as a symbol of the sky.

The sky is optimistic that they are blue and clear in a shiny day, and also represent infinite.

In Israel there is a common phrase "everything is possible and the sky is the limit".

As for me the sky is just a starting point

that means you can do whatever you want and nothing will stop you if you want to succeed, so I'm kind of person.  



Artwork Details

Painting - Acrylic
Artwork Size - Width 80 | Height 120 | Depth 3
Created on 13 April 2021

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