futuro semplice 1

by mauro pinotti - Italy


Simple future

They are small residential areas, portions of cities, of the world; they are perched like ancient fiefs but contrary to their solid base they evoke affected civilizations that have come to an end, corroded by their impurities

And therefore, Destined to disappear.

In these works Mauro Pinotti uses the iron element with mastery, accelerating the rusting process through a special technique, and it is precisely an intentionally un-arrested oxidation, cuts, incisions, privations that the artist expresses his personal vision on social degradation. and, as suggested by the title itself of the works, it is a process that will take place in a relatively future time compared to the current one but has already begun ... and will go on like rust.

Artwork Details

Sculpture - Metal
Artwork Size - Width 6 | Height 12 | Depth 30
Created on 8 August 2018