Ieva Graudina - Latvia

How often do we take our sights up? Our eyes are lately used to see mostly the pavement under the legs, and then if the look is not fogging behind the glasses due to lack of oxygen. Remember the childhood, when we were personalizing clouds to some fictional characters, catching the raindrops or snowflakes with lips, squinting your eyes at the sun. Yes, we had some bruises on our knees, but we were much more happy with our eyes looking up than down. Looking up there is life above us to enjoy more often - geometry of tree tops, flying and singing birds, amazing sky, which never is the same, clouds going by, sunrays kissing our cheeks and something more than that, reminding each of us about the believe in better tomorrow, in absolute love and justice. Look up!


Artwork Details

Painting - Oil
Artwork Size - Width 60 | Height 80 | Depth 3.8
Created on 19 March 2021

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