Double Story No.1

Malcolm Koch - Australia

This current work is formed by using the topography of the curved canvas. I apply what I call 'quantum brushstrokes' to make structural marks - which cannot be achieved on a flat picture plane. One ‘expression' creates many — intertwined within the same plane and its reverse side - with an equal degree of value. Being able to interchange to the 'other' side creates a co-dependent relationship from one to the other which maybe viewed as completing the experience.

However, not getting the whole picture in one go is part of the human condition. This work offers a glimpse of the whole — but we can only observe the work from one side at a time. Describing something that’s the same for both sides, regardless of which side you‘re on — and even knowing there's another, there is a realisation that our inability to engage with its entirety is real. Nevertheless, it is through the inverse (reciprocal expressions) that truth is revealed — there are two sides to every story, yet, it is all one.


Artwork Details

Painting - Oil
Artwork Size - Width 103 | Height 78 | Depth 6
Created on 13 April 2022

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