Dream On

Ofer MizraChi - Israel

"Dream On," born in August 2017, is an enchanting abstract masterpiece that celebrates the allure of dreaming and the boundless potential they bestow upon us. This artwork weaves a tapestry of colors and forms that resonate with the beauty of unbridled imagination. "Dream On" invites us to peer into its intricate design, reminding us that dreams form an integral part of our existence, infusing our reality with an ethereal layer of aspiration and hope. Through its mesmerizing composition, the piece encapsulates the transformative power of dreams and their capacity to shape a more wondrous and fulfilling world."

Came from the nature around Jerusalem

The art Made from the best and highest quality materials.

Printed is on Hahnemuehle Daguerre Canvas, a matt polycotton canvas Museum quality.


Artwork Details

Photography - Digital
Artwork Size - Width 66 | Height 50 | Depth 4
Created on 10 August 2017

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