Felipe Carvajal Brown Marcó - Chile

Part of my series called "The Stories", the life of Violeta Parra is illustrated with the use of iconography. Her life was a tale that deserves to be heard everywhere, as joyful and tragic as it was.

In a clockwise motion, I use elements to represent significant moments in her life, from her upbringin in a rough rural area of the Ñuble region, her first recordings and hits, being the first latin american female to exchibit at the Louvre, her installation at her renowned tent in the commune of La Reina, her tragic death exchibited in an abstract matter so it doesn't overshadow her lifes work, and finally the ultimate legacy she left to her country and the world.


Artwork Details

Mix Media - Other
Artwork Size - Width 22 | Height 28 | Depth 0.1
Created on 9 August 2023

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