Good Boy

Sven Windszus - Germany

Good Boy 2022

Sven Windszus (DE)


background info:

We love dogs, we love our smartphone and we love being in control. "Good Boy" stands as an example for all our desires, moral concerns are overshadowed by the possibilities of technological progress. Staying with dogs, small chips under the fur of pets are already commonplace these days. There are already attempts to implant Neuralink chips in brains. Technological development, as we know, cannot be turned back; if it works at some point, it will be implemented. Many scientists even regard the symbiosis of biology and artificial intelligence as being necessary for the continuation of life.

The installation "Good Boy" throws up the question: where does creation begin and where does artificial intelligence begin?

The "Laws of Robotics" established by the biochemist and science fiction writer Isaac Asimov provide the basis for this question. The fact that we have already started shifting the boundaries is highlighted in this work by replacing the word "robot" with the word "dog" – the legality is retained.




The installation is made up of two parts, firstly a dog skeleton covered in gold leaf, whose skull physiognomy has been altered in such a way that a display could be integrated. This part is meant to render the individual vividly perceptible.

The second part is brought to life through AR technology. This gives the viewer the opportunity to interact with the virtual dog. All the usual dog commands here have been replaced by multimedia orders in order to objectify the individual.


Artwork Details

Other - Other
Artwork Size - Width 78 | Height 160 | Depth 35
Created on 1 June 2022

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