Object no.2

Frank Fas - Poland

This is one of the ten pieces that together form a complete narrative story, for which I've created my own music video, of which I am the director, editor, performer, and lyricist. And of course, the painter of all the images. Each line in this song I've written have exactly 10 syllables, matching the total number of painted images.
It's the year 2085 ( One hungred years after my birthday). A small group of people (3 individuals) observe and report on strange objects appearing out of nowhere. It's unclear what or who they are and why they appear. Is this our world, or is humanity exploring distant places in the universe? Or perhaps it's an analogy to the human mind, which perceives reality in an abstract way, living in an imagined world?
The three human figures (three separate paintings) are: the Connector, the Scout, and the Archivist. The Scout observes 7 objects appearing, then reports to the Connector, who transfers all the gathered data to the Archivist (each character is represented by a separate image).
The premiere of the music video and the vernissage with the paintings had its first showing at the Luxos Arts gallery in Krakow, Poland.
Feel free to watch the mentioned music video and the rest of the paintings from the "2085" series at frankfas.art.


Artwork Details

Painting - Oil
Artwork Size - Width 80 | Height 120 | Depth 2
Created on 15 November 2023

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