Karl Pont - Austria


Ceramic, wood, acrylic paint


Crocodile is a charming composition using a recovered ceramic block painted with acrylics to

shape a dreamy crocodile's head. With this painting over the ceramic piece, the artist guides us

towards the tale of an imaginary Constance lake crocodile bathing peacefully in the grey waters.

Obviously, there are no crocodiles in Lake Constance but this sculpture invites to dream for a

moment of this possibility.

The ceramic head is delicately positioned onto a piece of driftwood collected on the shores of

the lake. The wooden plank becomes a representation of the peacefulness of the lake waters

where the imaginary crocodile enjoys the silence of existence and the tranquillity of Nature.

As with everything in Karl's art, even the elements that seem out of place or forgotten are

significant. An apparent imperfection, the rusty nail protruding out of the wood becomes more

than that. Rather unsightly at first, the nail actually transformed into the carrier of a delicate

papyrus haiku:


Lurking on the shore,

Crocodile in deep rest,

One with the silence.



Artwork Details

Sculpture - Other
Artwork Size - Width 44 | Height 15 | Depth 15
Created on 13 January 2024

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