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Thanks to Yicca’s experience and the contribution of our collaborators, we are delighted to present a complete and professional list of our artist’s most requested services. See our collaborators

Dedicated art criticism

Get a dedicated art criticism written by one of our leading curators. The critical text can be done on the artist in general, on a single piece of art, or on a series of works.
The text will have an average length of 3000/4000 characters. The text is created and signed by one of our curators/collaborators, specifically whichever of them is available at the time of request. See our list of contributors by clicking the link above. The text is translated into the artist’s language. The cost of the translation is included in the price. The text can be used freely by the artist as a personal statement, in catalogs, articles, CVs, etc.
Waiting times are 7/10 days from initial purchase.
After the purchase, you will be contacted by email to provide us with all the necessary details and specific requirements to help us complete the text.

Dedicated art criticism - 300,00€

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Estimate and evaluation of artworks

Our professionals and experts are able to estimate and evaluate your artworks. The purchased evaluation is valid for one piece of art. At the end of the evaluation you will be issued a certification stating the average price of the piece and a mimimum and maximum sale price.
The certification also includes and estimate of any potential price change in the future (between 1 – 5 years) The certificate may be attached to the artwork and used for purposes such as private sale or auction, exhibition, presentation, etc.
The estimate of the price is that of the final sale (to the buyer/collector, that is) and therefore calculates an average margin of 50%, denoted as commission to the seller, where appropriate (galleries, merchants, etc). The evaluation is performed bearing in mind the type, technique, and year of the artwork, as well of course the details of the artist themselves.
Estimates can be made on all types of artworks, such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, installations and more.
Waiting times are around 3/7 days from initial purchase.
After the purchase you will be contacted by email to provide us with the details of the artwork that is to be evaluated.

Estimate and evaluation of artworks – 60,00€

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Catalogs and art monographs

We create professional and high quality art catalogs and monographs. Our graphic designers will be at your complete disposal during the graphic and implementation process. Our curators, on the other hand, will take care of content and image management.
Personal catalogs will have from 80 – 150 pages (facades) depending on your needs. A presentation text about the artist (signed by one of our curators) is included in the price. Printing is not included in the price. On request we will provide you with the best quotes for a possibile print. The organization of any printing is included in the service. You can choose size, paper and number of copies.
Waiting times are around 15/20 days from the initial purchase, depending on the amount of material you wish to include in the catalogs.
After the purchase, you will be contacted by email to discuss the production, graphic and curatorial details.

Catalogs and art monographs – 760,00€

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Packing and shipping artworks

Yicca’s lengthy experience in organizing exhibitions and art events, combined with the professionalism of our collaborators, allows us to provide you with targeted assistance for your art shipments. The service provides you with tips and practical guidelines on how to properly pack your artworks, whether they be paintings, sculptures or installations.
We will assist you in every step along the way in preparing all of the necessary documents for the importation and exportation of artworks. This includes to-and-from Extra-EU countries and in the preparation of customs clearance documents where appropriate. In addition to this (and included in the purchase) we will search for the best shipping estimates for you.
Avoid exaggerated shipping costs, delivery delays, customs blockages and problems or damage to your shipments. Rely on the experienced advice of Yicca PLUS.
Waiting times are from 2-4 days from initial purchase.
After your purchase you will be contacted by email to provide you with all the relevant assistance you require.

Packing and shipping artworks – 50,00€

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Dedicated artistic advice

A 360 degree artistic advice is really useful for those artists who want to improve the quality of their production, interest in artistic research, coverage and visibility on the web and the presentation of the artist and their works.
The advice of the partner critics, curators and gallery owners will help you achieve your artistic goals. The study and examination of the artist and their production is collected in a complete report which highlights all the points needed to make it work.
The report contains the analysis on the critical points of the works, such as technique, materials, presentation, originality and quality of artistic research.
By the same token, the way in which the artist is perceived online and by external observers (such as the overall market) is analyzed, indicating where and how it’s possible to make improvements.
Waiting times are 15/20 days from purchase.
After the purchase, you will be contacted by email to provide all the details of the artist and the artworks that are to be analyzed.

Dedicated artistic advisory - 350,00€

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Exhibitions program

Yicca organizes and manages the Yicca PLUS exhibitions program by invitation. A series of group and personal exhibitions scheduled throughout the year and at our network of partner galleries and art spaces. Our curators will choose the most suitable artists for each exhibition and will manage presentation, press campaigns and catalogs.
Each exhibition includes group exhibitions of 4 - 10 artists with each from 2 - 6 works, depending on the size and characteristics of the pieces.
Personal exhibitions are also organized on request. These galleries and art spaces are located in major European cities, including Venice, Milan, Rome, Berlin and Vienna. Each month new and stimulating spaces are added to the list of partner galleries. The choice of artists is based on the selection of the curators. The artists who wish to become part of the program must make a reservation. The reservation is not binding and does not automatically give the right to participate in the exhibitions program.
Following making the reservation, the artists who will be selected and included in the curators' proposals will be informed about the details of the available exhibitions and the prices.
The artists will receive an invitation with the details 2/3 months before the exhibitions. Artists have the freedom to opt out of the invitation. If interested, we suggest you send your application as soon as possible. Artists have the freedom to opt out of invitations without incurring any fees.

Exhibitions program

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