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‘Chirorodziva/The Sleeping Pool', is a solo piece choreographed by Mclntosh Jerahuni. This solo production is a theatre dance performance piece conceptually derived from Zimbabwe’s Chinhoyi Caves.   
-Physical Projection/Execution-through created and structured improvised movements, which influence physical distortion as form according to existing created environment.                                                                                                                                               -Audio-From recorded sound track and spoken text to convey atmospheric artistic intentions. Carrying out atmospheric tension throughout the piece.  
These are all fuss to one artistic meaning influenced by choreographic intentions in communication with a new audience and depict oneself aesthetic development. This production project will collaborate with young developing local artistic to practice and develop their artistic skills by engaging in making of costume designing, music composition, art administration, marketing and directing.    
Title: Chirorodziva/The Sleeping Pool                                                               Choreographed/Performed/Directed: Mcintosh Jerahuni                                                                                Music Composition: ‘Shanje’ by Thomas Wadharwa,‘Lacan Woto Kumu’ by Geoffrey Oryema  Duration : 30min    
Even the air I was breathing felt sacred, I inhaled deeply and felt the sacred and pleasantly crisp air fill my lungs. A tingle went up my spine and I crossed my hands, this was going to be fun and scary at the same time. Fun and danger, I’d take those two any moment, they are the complete recipe for a real cool adventure.